Never did I see myself starting a blog, let alone a food blog…

Hi! I am Rithu and I am a proud south Indian from Kerala who was born in the Sultanate of Oman. My educational qualification is a far cry from anything creative! I did four years of Engineering in Biotechnology and then went on to pursue my Master’s in Bioinformatics from London. After marrying my wonderful husband of two years, I moved base to New Jersey…

It’s safe to say that I didn’t know how to cook at all before coming to the US! Well, that is if one does not include making an omelette or making instant noodles or pasta under the category of “cooking”!! I even boiled rice for the very first time only after marriage! But it’s amazing how a beginner like me can actually cook decently well without much prior culinary skill or knowledge. The one factor that helped me throughout was following each recipe, word to word and measurement by measurement. And that will take you to knowing me a little further – yes, I strive for perfection!! My husband would say that it’s one of my OCD’s. In all aspects of my life, I greatly enjoy being neat and organized!  So coming back to how I cook, I actually even measure the oil that I use and do the same for salt as well! So if a recipe indicates two tablespoons of oil, oh no, I must not just pour out an estimate amount, but I actually must use a tablespoon for my peace of mind!

The analogy that comes to my mind with the way I cook is that of one following a laboratory experiment with the exact details on materials used, the procedure, results and conclusion. So no, this blog will not include food experiments where I have come up with my very own new and innovative recipes. But yes, certainly I would like to share recipes from others, tried and tested by me, which I feel are easy to follow and in my sincere and honest opinion would be crowd pleasers! That leads to the next personality trait that you will learn about me – I love having guests over and cooking for them! Being a good hostess is vital for me. Now in retrospect, I feel I have this quality mostly because of the number of parties my parents hosted at our home back in Oman. Growing up in Oman, my family and I were blessed with a joy-filled friend circle. For every gathering, there would be several families, each with the number of children ranging from two to five. Those gatherings used to be filled with so much festivity even if there wasn’t an occasion, games like Tambola where the men were expected to be generous with the money they’d pitch in, and the ladies were expected to contribute to a yummy potluck! Ah, bliss!

I treat this blog as a personal space, like a diary, where I’m trying to hold on to the memories before they fade away from my mind. I feel the first quarter of my life zipped by so speedily and except for photos of family, friends, places or just purely random ones from my childhood, I don’t have a photographic record for certain sentimental memories. Such as the delicious dishes my adorable mother would make or the wonderful restaurants my doting father introduced me to or the leftover foods which me and my buddies for life, my sisters, would fight over! So this blog is an attempt to record with images, all the good that has and will happen in my life with regards to good ol’ food. Truly, gastronomy illustrated!

To prospective readers and followers, first and foremost, humble thanks for visiting this blog. Please feel free to write to me if you have any suggestions, remarks or enquiries. I would love to hear from each of you and look forward to corresponding with each of you!

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