Dinner at NYC, tickling the funny bone at New York Comedy Club, not being able to find our car…and Kale Coconut Stir-fry!

Dinner at NYC, tickling the funny bone at New York Comedy Club, not being able to find our car…and Kale Coconut Stir-fry!

I love going to New York! And this weekend was a reaffirmation… My husband and I just wanted to do something fun and new on the Saturday that went by. My husband had been working the whole of Friday night and he barely slipped in two hours of sleep. On such nights, when my husband has a release and has to take care of work from home, we pull out the futon in the living room, make it all cozy and it’s like a little camp-out in our very own living room, with the TV right there. We love our cozy bed in the bedroom too, but there is something nice about sleeping in the living room on the futon. Long live Ikea! We have had this futon for close to four years. It’s still so functional and comfortable… But I digress. So since my husband was working so hard the whole of Friday night, he had some sleep over Saturday morning and afternoon, and then he was feeling quite upbeat to visit New York. So after a little planning and researching, we decided to drive from Jersey, park the car in this public parking facility in Manhattan, for which my husband got a great deal. 12$ for 12 hours! You rarely find such a deal in the city. And from there, we decided to take the subway downtown to Love Mamak. Love Mamak is an Asian restaurant, and my husband and I love all kinds of Asian food. When we reached Love Mamak, it was jam-packed. We had to wait for about 10-15 minutes, which was fine for us, because we weren’t starving hungry. Finally, we were seated and the service was very nice from start to finish. We ordered a taro bubble tea to share. Very honestly, it wasn’t the most amazing bubble tea I’ve ever tasted. It was slightly warm, and perhaps because I like everything a bit more sweeter in general, I didn’t find the bubble tea here all that wonderful. We ordered Char Siu Barbecue Pork Buns for starters. The pork was drenched in this really good sauce. I would say these were definitely some of the best pork buns we’ve had to date, Ippudo’s pork buns still reigning at the number 1 spot! But what followed was even more amazing. My husband ordered the Rendang Nasi Lemak, which is a typical Malaysian favorite. It was great. Cooked well and lovely curry. And I ordered the Mixed Seafood Curry Laksa. My husband at first wanted to try it out but he was a bit skeptical with the dish having mixed seafood. I was skeptical too, because you never know what is in your dish when it’s mixed seafood. It can have the octopus, the scallops and what not. And I personally I’m not a big fan of all those exotic kinds of seafood. I was so happy when my laksa arrived, because it had only shrimps and mussels as seafood. This laksa was made with a lemongrass chicken stock. It also had chicken, a hardboiled egg, mint leaves, scallions and egg noodles. And I cannot say enough about how flavorsome the broth was!! Definitely the best curry laksa I’ve ever had. Truth be told, I’ve not had a lot of curry laksas. I remember having really good curry laksa in London over five years ago… But this laksa is the bomb! Bomb of flavor! Loved it!! And at the end of it all, my husband and I shared a complimentary Thai iced tea. I’m generally not a big fan of iced tea. But this was something else. It was delicious. A little creamy touch to it. It was a great way to end that lovely Asian dinner. My husband and I had to share the iced tea that evening, because I left my phone back home for charging and just forgot to take it along, which rarely happens. But if I go out with my husband, one thing I usually don’t take is my set of keys to the car and the apartment, just because my husband is carrying them anyways. And as one reads further, one will understand how much I regretted not taking my keys and phone that evening…

We had some time to spare after dinner, before going to a comedy club, for which my husband had received free tickets to some weeks ago. So we decided to go to Times Square. Good ol’ Times Square. Made me remember about London and Piccadilly Square… It’s always so overwhelming to see those enormous billboards, all lit up and taking you to so many different worlds… Of course we had to stop by Hershey’s to get free Hershey’s Kisses!! But ended up buying a small pack of Deluxe Hershey’s Kisses for ourselves, because we just couldn’t resist. Guilty! And then we went to M&M, right across Hershey’s. My husband and I couldn’t believe the amount of merchandise in M&M. And it’s around three floors stacked of merchandise! Before we could get delayed by the swarms of people in M&M, my husband and I got out, and made our way to the New York Comedy Club. The whole block had so many different comedy clubs as we walked by. We of course were early for the show, by a little over fifteen minutes. And then soon enough, we saw one of the stand-up comedians making his way out to the bar, and then slowly the audience from the previous show started to leave. As we got seated into the little room, that probably could seat around eighty to a hundred, we ordered our drinks. So the tickets for the show are free, but the club obviously makes their moolah with the drinks’ orders. Each person from the audience must order two drinks minimum (and there was also a non-alcoholic package available too), which was fine with us. As I sipped on my cocktail with my favorite Malibu Coconut rum, I looked forward to the show but I was a teeny-bit anxious about being picked on since my husband and I looked like the only brown people in the house! So we were bound to get picked on… Well, soon enough the show host, who was hilarious throughout, tried to get everyone in the room, into the groove, by asking where they were from. And then of course came the question of who was not from the US. After we raised our hands up and said we’re from India, the show host did try to pull our legs, but my smarty-pants husband reacted very differently. He was giving actual responses to the guy’s questions! Haha..Anyways, that brief moment was fun and I was so happy that we weren’t clobbered verbally! During the rest of the evening, around seven to eight stand-up comedians made their way up on the stage. And they were actually so funny! Of course, there was cussing and raunchy jokes one after the other. But it was actually really funny. Two of the guys especially, Matt Richards and David Gaines, were fantastic! Oh! They were so funny! And it wasn’t fart jokes’ funny! It was so much more. Of course, the couples in the house were picked on too, bigtime! And funny enough there was a couple that just met three hours before the show. On Tinder! It was hilarious, the jokes on them! If I remember right, the show got over after about two hours and it was well past midnight.

After that fun evening of giggles, we went back to the parking lot to take back our car. But the laughter ended there (imaginary piano horror music in the background – BUM BUM BUM!). Since it was around two early in the morning, everything was shut down and isolated, with not much people around. And soon enough my husband and I were not able to find the parking garage where we left the car. We thought we came to the right garage, but the shutter was pulled down. We were so confused. And no, we had just downed two drinks. So we were far from feeling tipsy. But we just couldn’t figure out the garage, for a good fifteen minutes. For a little while I thought to myself, ‘oh great, the fun is over’. We couldn’t even head back to Jersey even if we wanted to, because I wasn’t carrying my set of keys with me, remember? Google Maps on the phone kept taking us to this parking garage, with the shutter down, but we were quite sure that it wasn’t the one. I was so worried. Thoughts were rushing to my mind. ‘Oh my gosh, did the valet guy scram off with our car? What are we going to do? Are we going to stay back in the city for the night? And tomorrow is Sunday. What if we don’t get our car till Monday… Oh Rithu, why didn’t you bring your phone and keys??? Aaaarggghhh…’ And then clarity hit us. We were certain about driving down the road, into the garage, on our left. But the road we were currently scouting our beloved car for was a one way and we knew there was no way we could have parked into the garage we saw initially, which was on the right. We focused again, and praise the Lord, hallelujah! We found the parking garage! The shutter was pulled down here too, but it’s a 24 hour parking lot and all we had to do was push the bell just outside the garage. As we saw the shutter go up, I gave out a big sigh of relief and my husband chuckled seeing me all worked up. It was tense for a bit there. But the evening ending on an adventurous note. Actually two adventurous notes. That was the latest we had been in the city (around three in the morning) and two, the frantic search for our ride back to Jersey. That was super fun…

Coming to the recipe of the week. This time, it’s Kale Thoran. Who would have thought? I find it quite difficult to pick vegetables here in the US for making something typically ‘naadan’. So when I find the opportunity to use something that is widely available here, in my Indian cooking, I’m so happy. And this thoran is yumm! Reminds me of the lovely, hearty ‘cheera thoran’ my mother makes. And my husband and I love ‘cheera thoran’. This is a very easy recipe to follow again. It has enough of my favorite garlic. The recipe is from ‘YummyOYummy’. Click here to go to the recipe. Very easy to follow. Well, that’s all for now. Here’s to more adventures! Toodles!


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