First post of the New Year, in the new home... and recipe for Coke’d Wings!

First post of the New Year, in the new home… and recipe for Coke’d Wings!

But not without saying bye-bye to my beloved old apartment in West New York!

I moved to a new place. That’s why I haven’t posted anything for… I’m guessing over a month. December was a busy month and I’m still busy settling in the new home. My husband and I bought our very first home together, in Fair Lawn. This was two months ago, last year. Wow… as always, I’m baffled with how time flies by, so fast. And I’m honestly trying to get back to the mood of blogging. One, I’ve been busy since last month with the home. And two, as I’ve posted earlier, my father is not feeling well. So, I do feel very sad most of the time. Like literally, I think almost every hour of a day about my father as well as my mother, who is caring for my ailing father, while we girls are overseas. Many a times, I do feel saddened, having a life here in the US, so far away from my parents. But I know they are here with me, in this home… and in my heart…

Okay. On a happy note, new home. I will definitely write more about my new home in Fair Lawn, over the next blogposts, for sure. But this post is an homage to my dear old apartment in West New York. My husband and I lived in North Bergen and West New York over a period of three years. Initially, I didn’t exactly feel safe in the neighborhood, as I remember guys driving in their cars and stopping to talk to me on the road, as I walked to catch the light rail close by or to shop at the local store for groceries. West New York is predominantly a Hispanic neighborhood. And people there, used to confuse me for a Hispanic! I would always buy fish, large salmon steaks, from Fancy, a local store. And the guys there thought I was Dominican to be specific. Anyways, coming back, although the guys would try to converse with me from their cars, they would not go beyond that. So it took me a couple of months to not really bother, and eventually I found the neighborhood very homely. I used to buy groceries from the local store called Fiesta, where they play lovely romantic Spanish songs or some crazy, whacko, upbeat, carnival-like music! I used to love them both!

Over the three years, my husband and I lived in two different apartments. Both were nice but the second one, definitely, had a cozier vibe. From our living room and bedroom, we could see the New York skyline. Every night, it used to be wonderful to see the different lights of the Empire State Building. For the décor, what I knew I wanted, was to in a way bring the outdoors, indoors. When you live in a closed space like an apartment, I think it makes a difference to have lots of plants, real or artificial. But just the point is to have that green around, to make the boxy space a little cozier. I even used a rattan chaise lounge as seating in the living room, which most people would use as patio furniture! And now, here are a bunch of pictures of where I stayed till December, last year.

So that was my old apartment. And now I look forward to decorating my new home, which I look forward to sharing about in future posts. Before ending this post, I must share the recipe for easy, delicious chicken wings. My husband and I love wings and we always must have them with pizzas. So I really wanted to try out a stovetop recipe for wings and I was so happy to come across this one on the site ‘Appetite for China’. The secret ingredient is none other than Coca Cola. That’s right! Who would have thought? On researching a little bit, I found out that this is a popular Chinese dish. It is lip-smacking delicious! So without any delay, click here to find the recipe for chicken wings in a Coca Cola glaze, which is fancy for Coke’d wings! 🙂 Peace!

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