Lemony Salmon Biryani... And a small tour of my home in Kerala, Sarangi.

Lemony Salmon Biryani… And a small tour of my home in Kerala, Sarangi.

Its 6:54, Tuesday morning here. Woke up as usual at 6 am. Freshened up and said my morning prayers. And now here I am, blogging!

In the weekend that went by, my husband and I watched the latest Bond movie ‘Spectre’ in the theatre. And we also attended a little boy’s first birthday party. Now I’ve been reading reviews of Spectre not living up to the many expectations out there. My husband as well, found it rather bland, so to speak. Or more specifically, he said the action was boring and the lines were cheesy… Now here’s a confession. I doubt I’ve ever seen a Bond movie before! Gasp, shudder! I know. How could I have never watched a movie from the Bond series ever before? I feel I may have seen a few clips of a Pierce Brosnan or Sean Connery Bond flick. But, I’m quite sure I haven’t seen an entire Bond film, from start to finish. And that makes me think, there are so many films out there that I’ve missed out on. And it’s not just Hollywood. It’s all of world cinema, especially the old classics from India. So many wonderful, timeless pieces of regional, Indian cinema. And so I felt nostalgic last night, and went ahead and listened to some old Raj Kapoor songs in the shower! Couldn’t help but hum along to “Jeena yahan, marna yahan, iske siva, jaana kahan”. So whenever I do get the time, I’m going to watch some Malayalam classics such as Chemmeen and Bollywood favorites such as Guide. Also, if I do get the chance I would love to watch other regional films from India, old and new. I’m sure Marathi, Bengali, Tamil films to name a few, would surprise me in a good way!

Well, coming back to the weekend, I quite enjoyed Spectre, from all that I watched. And I say, from all that I watched, because for some reason, I was feeling so drowsy that afternoon. Actually, I do know the reason. Coconut hair oil massage! I do that twice a week. And that makes me sleep like a baby. Just like that. Gets me knocked out! That Saturday morning, I had this oil shower, and as much as I was enjoying the movie, I couldn’t keep my eyes open! But I did see perhaps 60% of the film. Daniel Craig is one handsome looking man… Mmhmm… And oh, I loved the song ‘The writing’s on the wall’, in the beginning of the film by Sam Smith. So dramatic and pleasantly eerie with the octopus’ tentacles! The movie got over just in time before the birthday party. It was held in the Indian restaurant called Mausam. As always, my husband and I made an early entrance. We were the first ones there. Soon after, there were quite a lot of people. And lots of kids especially. Cute little babies! I was equally excited as all the other children when Olaf came to take photos with everyone!! Literally child-like excitement! Yeah, it was a fun party…

It’s been over a month since my return from India. And I’ve been missing home and my parents much… Thanks to Vonage, I get to speak to them whenever I please. Last weekend, I made fish biryani with salmon and the recipe I used is from my mother. It’s got a lovely, fresh, zesty taste with the lemon juice. I love my mother’s cooking! She makes amazing biryani, whether its mutton or fish. She makes amazing karimeen (pearl spot) fry, amazing prawns roast, traditional, naadan fish curry, to name a few. There were some favorites should would make for parties, like the chicken pan roll, vegetable stir fry with cottage cheese, canapes, mutton korma, and so on. And then there were some dishes she would make just for me. Like caramel custard, thin pancakes drizzled with honey, what in India we call Bombay toast (instead of French toast) … I have fond memories of what she used to make in my growing up years. The banana fry, lemon rice, tomato rice, oh, the curd rice and fish balls combo, the soft chappatis and curries with mostly mutton and chicken, the beef fry, … I could go on and on. Miss her and my father… Anyways, I took a lot of pictures of my home in Kerala, that we named as Sarangi in the month of November, 2010. I of course had to take pictures of my mother’s garden! Sarangi has a lot of antique furniture. My oldest sister, being the qualified interior designer of the family, was instrumental in the layout of the home, during the initial talks with the builders. And we also had late Mrs. Susheela Nair on board, who was the prime decorator on charge. She did such a a good job and she had so many wonderful ideas. Before my parents moved out for good from Oman, I remember often driving to Carrefour in Seeb, to shop for some interesting curios and other home décor accessories for Sarangi. Those shopping sprees with my mother used to be fun! That was 5 years ago… Well, here are the photos…

My home sweet home… I look forward to visiting my parents and Sarangi soon again…And look forward to all the scrumptious eats my mother lovingly makes! Click here for the recipe of Lemony Salmon Biryani, that follows my mother’s recipe for a basic fish biryani. Enjoy! And more laters!

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