Pumpkin Pecan Cobbler... Plus, limping in the ginormous Palisades Center!

Pumpkin Pecan Cobbler… Plus, limping in the ginormous Palisades Center!

Oooh… It’s definitely getting colder by the day. What is the temperature like?… 7 degrees Celsius at the moment according to the Accuweather site. But it feels colder for sure. Brrr… Cold… Anyways…

So in the weekend, my husband and I had a day trip of sorts. We drove all the way to Bear Mountain in New York. We checked online to see if the Oktoberfest was still lingering around. But unfortunately, we missed it. We were at the Oktoberfest maybe two years ago if I’m not mistaken, with our friends. And it was a lot of fun then. It sure was a sausage fest. Pun not intended for the naughty minds! I for one actually enjoy sausages, FOR FOOD! Just making that clear 😀 But coming back to the weekend, we decided on revisiting the very first winery my husband and I ever visited together. It is the Palaia winery. We had first visited the winery with good friends and we were all such amateurs about wine tasting. My husband and I still are. We don’t even try to pretend that we know about what wine pairs with what. At a wine tasting, I just gulp down the wine, rather than sip a little and let the senses discover… Probably I’ve committed a big faux pas, but for now, it really doesn’t bother me… I love wine, especially the sweeter ones. My husband also used to love the sweeter ones. He still does but now he appreciates the dry, crisp white wines more. However, this time in Palaia, we had a totally different kind of wine. It was a special one made for the holidays and it tasted of spices like cinnamon. Not kidding! My husband and I had never come across anything of the sort. During our first visit to Palaia, we couldn’t get enough of the Honey Mead. This time, we came back home with two bottles of the Crimson Clove, the spiced wine. Palaia also had options of adding honey mead to warm cider. I’m sure that would have been wonderful to taste as well! It felt nice coming back… We were there for about 45 minutes and then we drove to Karavalli in Nanuet for lunch.

Well, I shouldn’t just say lunch. It was a buffet. And obviously I made sure of tasting everything. Because of which, I ended up with four plates of food, all for myself! The buffet was nice. I would rate it about 7.5/10. The chicken kebab for starters was nice. The Kerala section was good, with appams, the stew and the ‘naadan’ fish curry. The biryani was interesting with the sourer taste, from the tamarind added. The desserts were good. Nothing to complain about there. On the whole, I enjoyed my lunch of four plates, while my husband struggled to eat the little what he had on his plate, compared to me… Not joking, but after all that, I felt like I just had a regular meal. And my husband couldn’t fathom what he had witnessed right in front of his eyes.

Moving on from sounding like a gourmand, let me share about my experience in definitely the biggest mall that I’ve been to in the US and for sure, one of the biggest malls I’ve ever been to in all my life. The Palisades Center. Every imaginable store is in this mall. Plus, it has an ice-skating rink and a giant Ferris wheel indoors! If that wasn’t enough, it has its own indoor climb adventure rope course! That’s right. I actually saw kids walking on ropes midair in the mall! The mall was sprawling huge. I now see online that the Palisades Center is the second largest mall in New York and the eighth largest in the US. Walking in the mall was a great way to digest all of that food we had in the afternoon. After going in and out of shops, making use of the Thanksgiving sales, it became evening. Around 5 pm or so. And by then, my feet had given up. There was so much more to see in the mall. All kinds of fun stuff. But the walk had sure taken a toll on my legs, and so, my husband and I made our way back home. It was a Saturday well spent. Enough of shopping for the year! Really! Hand to my heart!

So it’s Thanksgiving week. And it’s the season of the pumpkins and squash. I of course had this huge pumpkin to use up. That is the pumpkin that was bought during our visit to the apple-picking farm some weeks ago. I was sure about using the pumpkin for a dessert. So this is how I used up that entire pumpkin. I used it for making a pumpkin pecan cobbler, a creamy pumpkin soup, a pumpkin erissery like what we make in Kerala, a pumpkin sambar and pumpkin mug cakes. All the experiments went well, except for the sambar. My husband liked it but of late, I’m generally not a big fan of sambar. So maybe that’s why I didn’t quite enjoy the sambar. But the erissery recipe was from my mother in law. Was so easy to make. And I really enjoyed it. The soup was nice. But I feel when a soup is made with squash or carrots or something of the sort, the soup gets really thick. And I feel that the soup tastes good in the beginning and then in the end its like you can’t wait to finish the soup because you’re tired of it! It’s very one dimensional in taste, I feel, if that makes sense. Or perhaps it’s just me. I enjoy soups that have a little more personality, a little extra something, maybe in the spice or the garnish… And I definitely like more liquidy, brothy soups now. Which is why I enjoy ramen so much. I feel it’s so soothing to have a bowl of flavorsome broth! So yeah, maybe that’s why I wasn’t completely bowled over by the soup. The pumpkin mug cakes were a sure surprise! So easy to make. And it came out pretty good too. Cake in less than two minutes! But the winner of all the pumpkin experiments, was, tadaaaa…. Drumroll. The pumpkin pecan cobbler! This recipe was sheer perfection throughout. It is a recipe from ‘Lauren’s Latest’. The recipe is firstly very easy to follow. Nothing complicated here. No confusing ingredients that you may have never come across. Nothing fancy. Just regular ingredients. Perfect measurements. Perfectly determined yield/servings. In short, a perfect recipe! The last perfect recipe I came across, was the jaggery and whole-wheat halwa from ‘Divine Taste’. I know pumpkin pie is the usual favorite for Thanksgiving. But of course you need to make sure the pie comes out right with the crust and all that jazz. Or of course, you can take the easy route of using a store-bought pie crust. But on the other hand, a cobbler is so easy to make. You don’t have to worry much about symmetry. It’s really that easy. And when you’re entertaining guests, this is an easy-peasy option. My husband and I LOVED this cobbler. This was one of those times when my husband ate so slow, to savor every morsel of the cobbler and to let that yummy goodness linger for longer… Best served warm. And there was no need to add any ice cream to the cobbler. It was great just as is! So here’s the recipe for pumpkin pecan cobbler. Click here.  And wishing everyone a very happy Thanksgiving! Before I go, it was amusing to see women of all age groups, while I shopped for groceries the other day, pushing carts with a huge-sized turkey and ingredients for their big Thanksgiving dinner. And some of them were even referring to the chunky cook book in their hand while shopping!  I for one think it’s great to give thanks every single day of the year, if one believes they are truly blessed. I know I am, and so I’m thankful each day for the abundance of food, when I know that there are so many little ones around the world, scavenging for the little that they can find. So let us all remember to be thankful for full and happy tummies, and just everything that we perhaps take for granted. And with that, I’m going to say bye-bye for now. More laters…

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