2 in 1 : Spicy Hot Firecracker Chicken, over the Easiest-To-Make Fried Rice!

‘Truly restaurant quality chicken and fried rice, in no time at all!’

I know, I know!! It’s been a rather long time since my last post, which was the recipe for super easy and yummy Chicken Kasha! But here I am, in a new year, 2015 that is, all excited about coming back with two incredibly easy recipes, and a little about what I’ve been up to..Last year around the beginning of December, I finally finished the six-months long course at the fashion design school, ending up with so much of knowledge, sketches, used up muslin and pattern paper for draping and garment construction, and oh yes, most importantly, an entire dress, made by little ol’ me! I ambitiously tried making a blazer too. But that failed big-time, thanks to the wrong choice of stretchy fabric, with a busy plaid print!! Anyhow, I was still very content with how much I had learnt in half a year’s time, and I was so looking forward to a nice holiday..

So I first went to lovely Sultanate of Oman, which happens to be my birth country. But I didn’t go to the capital city of Muscat this time. I went to the city of Sur, where my husband’s parents work as doctors. Christmas was spent there with my husband’s parents, his grandparents, sister and three-year-old niece. And, during my stay in Sur, we all visited Ras Al Jinz, to see turtles lay eggs. I did get to see a turtle go ‘pluck, pluck’,  laying dozens of golf ball sized eggs and that was yes, surely a wonderful and amusing sight. But that night, what was amazing, was walking on the sand, with the vast clear sky above us, with so many, so many stars! And what was even more fascinating – seeing the waves hit the Ras Al Jinz beach! Now these are not ordinary waves. They have phytoplankton, that make the  sea waves actually glow blue and green!! I’m not kidding! It was so beautiful a sight! Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take videos or photographs of the stunning phenomenon that took place right before us. But here’s an article that I found online, on Bioluminescent waves, which shows pictures of exactly what I’m talking about..

Going back to Oman is definitely like visiting home for me.. like walking down memory lane. I was there for the longest period of my life, to date. A few years ago, my father retired with a commendable service as CEO for 35 years, in a construction equipment sales company, based in Muscat. My mother has always been a homemaker, and I’ll proudly add, a truly inspiring one! Never to sit idle, she’s always been the kind to keep herself busy and productive, whether by gardening, or making the most delicious food! My parents wrapped up from Muscat, and head to what actually is our home – Kerala, down south in India. After visiting Sur, I visited my beloved parents in Kerala, and was there for a little over a month. That was not enough time to spend with them. It will never be enough..Yet, I’m grateful for the fact that so far, every year, I’ve been going to India to see my parents, at least once. This time, I visited a place called Kuttikkanam with my parents, which is this lush region surrounded with tea plantations. To get to the place, you have to keep going up a height, literally a dizzying height! While the driver kept going up, and more up the road, I kept telling myself ‘Wow, this is pretty high up! When are we going to finally reach??’ But the drive was beautiful, I have to say. Everywhere we looked, it was so green! And the clubhouse we stayed also had a nice view. Plus we were welcomed by a nice and pleasant winter breeze, which got a little chilly later in the night..After an entire day’s, peaceful stay there, in the midst of the green hills, we left back for home. As always, my dearest mother prepared wonderful naadan food to my heart’s content, which always includes some good ol’ fried pearl spot fish, or natively known as the Karimeen. And oh, you get some of the sweetest fruits in Kerala!! I couldn’t get enough of the juicy oranges of the season! And our neighbors would always pick an interestingly shaped, huge papaya for us from their tree. I had so much of wonderful food, but alas, I didn’t take much pictures. Mental note, next trip to India, I certainly must click away!

After a wonderful vacation, I got back a couple of weeks ago. And was all geared to blog after a very long time..So that’s what’s been up and that’s all for now. More later..Time to share the recipes for the easiest fried rice I have ever made, and some crackling hot, firecracker chicken. Now I make the chicken deliberately hot, adding so much more chili flakes than indicated. To each his or her own, right? You can easily modify the recipe according to your personal taste. And the key ingredient that makes the fried rice so good is sesame oil. Yumm! Both recipes are from The Recipe Critic. She’s put up a lot of good recipes from the looks of it, many I’m interested in trying out soon. But for now, here are the recipes for easy peasy fried rice and equally easy firecracker chicken..

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