Aloo Mutter

‘A simple, yet yummy North Indian dish from the state of Punjab, made with potatoes and green peas…’

It is a well known fact that potatoes are a universal favourite! And the ways in which this ingredient can be used for cooking are endless! Potatoes have even been used for desserts! Potatoes rank 4th amongst the world’s most consumed food staples and today, China is the largest producer of the crop. India comes next in the list…

Aloo Mutter, where in Hindi, aloo means potato and mutter means peas, is a very popular dish that originated from North India, specifically from Punjab. This wholesome dish is so easy to make and can be enjoyed for brunch, lunch or dinner. The dish is nutritious too, with the potatoes rich in vitamin C and fiber, and the peas being great sources of vitamins, proteins and iron. The recipe has been adapted from ‘’.

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