Bacon and Jalapeno Deviled Eggs

‘A simple and appetizing hors d’oeuvre, that melts in your mouth and will keep you asking for more!’ 

Supposedly, the concept of deviled eggs originated in ancient Rome. But back in the day, the term ‘deviled’ in itself was associated with meat, rather than eggs! Shrimps were ‘deviled’, fowl were ‘deviled’ and so on. The term ‘deviled’ is used to describe a food that has a kick in flavor, attributed by ingredients such as Dijon mustard or products derived from peppers. A couple of interesting, alternative names for these eggs are eggs mimosa and picnic eggs!

Deviled eggs are essentially appetizers, or as the French say, hors d’oeuvre! These eggs may be served before a meal, or served at a dining table during a meal or sometimes can be served with no meal to follow. Also, in the case of a cocktail hour preceding an event, such appetizers are best suited to serve, while the guests get comfortable, drink and socialize! This easy recipe has been adapted from the ‘realhousemoms‘ blog. First time attempts will require a bit of caution in hard-boiling the eggs, carefully removing the shells and the yolks. But it instantly gets easier, rest assured! Absolutely love, love this recipe!

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