Black Bean and Corn Burgers

Black Bean and Corn Burgers

‘Have one of these wholesome, veggie burgers for lunch or dinner, and you’re good to go! That filling and satisfying!’ 

One can’t deny how yummy burgers with meat are! Are you dreaming now of the last hamburger you had? But a lot of individuals in the modern day prefer going healthy and opting for vegetarian alternatives! Today, there are vegetarian options, virtually at every eat-out one can visit. Take for instance, the veggie burger. Some restaurant chains like McDonald’s have even targeted certain regions and invented burgers that combine something authentic and given the burger, a modern twist! In Egypt, for instance, one can find the McFalafel, which has a falafel patty, tomato, lettuce and tahini sauce….

Last week, I did a pantry check and found a can of black beans. I also had some frozen corn. I scouted online for recipe ideas that could well combine these two ingredients. And lo and behold, I found the recipe to a veggie burger that is so easy to make at home! It is really that simple! And the final texture of this burger is perfect too! It has the lovely crunch and a bit of spice. The recipe has been adapted from ‘’ . Hope you thoroughly enjoy this one!

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