Celery, Green Gram and Coconut Stir Fry/ ‘Thoran’

‘The popular, Keralite dry dish, with an unlikely ingredient – celery!’

Celery is popular in East Asian, American and European cuisines. Personally, I love how celery contributes to a hearty soup, or how it enhances the flavor of  yummy fried rice! And oh, it gets better! Celery is even healthy! With a water content of over 90 %, celery can be used as a light snack, that is low in calories. It has zero cholesterol! How good is that?! Supposedly, celery promotes better sleep and calms the nervous system. Interestingly, celery has great significance in Oriental medicine, for treating hypertension! Another amusing tidbit – celery is considered an aphrodisiac! Enough said!

‘Thoran’ is essentially the term used for a dry dish that consists of grated coconut. Thorans are more commonly made with finely chopped vegetables, but can be made with fish and meats like chicken and beef also! The more popular thorans are carrot thoran, cabbage thoran, beans thoran, to name a few. Here is an interesting recipe adapted from the ‘pachakam’ site, that uses celery and has added nutrition coming in from green gram, cherupayar or moong. Hope you like this! I suggest having this thoran with boiled rice and the recently posted recipe – garlic fish!

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