Coconut Cream Delight

‘An easy-to-make dessert with coconut flakes, that is low in sugar and high on flavour!’

I was once gifted with a set of mini bowls, on my 1st wedding anniversary. These mini bowls made by the company Libbey, came in three different patterns. And in the box, there was a leaflet with three recipes that could be made and served in these bowls. One pattern particularly, got me excited. It was the set of 6 mini parfait glasses, which are essentially tall glasses that are ideal for serving desserts having layers of cream, fruits and so on! And the recipe suggested was, yes, the coconut cream delight!

This dessert is not very sweet in taste or in other words, is very mild in sweetness. The coconut flakes induce a nice texture to the cream. Moreover, the base of the dessert is mostly composed of oatmeal!! Hope you enjoy this wonderful and healthy summer dessert, just as much as I did!

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