‘Although you’ll be sniffing while eating this, you’ll definitely want more of the spicy Korean braised chicken! Very, very spicy but sooo good!’

Last week, my husband was craving for something a little extra spicy… Over the past couple of years, I feel my palate has greatly evolved. There used to be a time when I was so fond of everything insanely sweet. But today, I actually enjoy my food with adequate spiciness or bitterness. I used to be so fond of the most sweetest of chocolates. Today I’m really fond of bittersweet, dark and salted caramel chocolates. Oh wow..And my mouth is watering…

A little while ago, one of my friends messaged me the link to a video showing how to make Korean style wings, and the video was posted by a certain chirpy Miss Maangchi! She is so absolutely adorable! I love her accent. Just love her whole persona. It was quite amusing to watch the video! And then weeks later, I stumbled upon a recipe for Dakdoritang on the site called ‘Just a Pinch’. But I was not sure how authentic the recipe was. And so I looked online a little more and found the recipe on ‘Maangchi’. I ended up clubbing the two recipes together. In the recipe posted on ‘Just a Pinch’, it seemed the spiciness was toned down. But I liked the recipe for the inclusion of veggies. In the recipe posted on ‘Maangchi’, however, there were no veggies at all, but my oh my, the spiciness was not one bit compromised! This preparation is fantastic! And before trying out the recipe, I found this wonderful bottle of pure Japanese sesame oil. Till then, I always used regular vegetable oil for all my cooking, including asian style cooking. But it’s amazing how much difference the sesame oil makes! My husband and I relished every morsel of this, with a little bowl of rice on the side. It was excellent! And so easy to make! A must try, if you’re also one of those who love their food to be spicy hot! I assure you, this is really gooooddd..

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