Delicious Goan Fish Curry of Leela Palace, Goa!

A delightful fish curry with a rich and tasty gravy, and the right balance of spicy and sour!’

Every lunch, my husband and I have rice and fish. They are staples for us! And I try to make it a point of searching for different fish recipes, with exciting new flavors! It was last week, when I came across this wonderful recipe by a certain chef Rufina, who works with the renowned group of Leela, at Goa. I made a small modification with the recipe though. Instead of using freshly grated coconut, I went ahead and made the process easier for myself, and used canned coconut milk. The result – I still had a wonderful, rich and creamy gravy. The curry is in no way overtly spicy. I’d say it was on the milder side. Yet, there was a nice kick! And there’s a slight pungency from the ground tamarind. Just the right balance of flavors!

This curry definitely reminded me of my trip to Goa, right after I got married. My husband had returned to the US, while I stayed back in India, waiting for my US visa to be processed. During that time, my parents and I traveled to Goa to attend a family friend’s wedding. It was such a fun trip! Goa is all sunshine, with so many beaches, flea street markets and incredible seafood! And there’s a general vibe in the air, of perpetual relaxation and laid-backness. Absolutely ‘susegad’! I came across this term while watching a very interesting show called ‘What’s with Indian men?’ One episode was shot in lovely Goa, where the two charming female presenters of the show were on a mission, to discover the psyche of the very laid-back men residing there. And one man termed the attitude as ‘susegad’, which is a concept derived from the Portugese word ‘sossegado’, meaning quiet or peaceful. But in Goa, it is actually used to describe one’s state of being truly content. And hence, thereby projecting an attitude of ease and calm. I also came to learn through the show, that the Goans take their time outs very seriously.  So if a shop mentions a certain closing time for the afternoon, the shop will be closed at that time, and will not cater to any customers beyond that time. A lot of importance is given to one’s siesta! They work hard, rest well, and sure do know how to play hard!

Well, hope you enjoy this curry as much as I did! Happy cooking!


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