Fish Malabari

‘Fish, greatly enjoyed in the South Indian state of Kerala, in a wonderful creamy-textured curry with coconut milk…’

Without a doubt, the cuisine of Kerala has an aroma and flavor like no other! These are attributed greatly by the use of coconut products like coconut oil and coconut milk. The Malabar portion of districts or northern Kerala is known to have it’s own set of specialties like pathiri, biryani and so on. And food in Kerala is often cooked in special utensils like the mun chatti or the earthen clay pot, which also provide a unique taste to food cooked in them.

My husband swears by the food of Kerala and so do I! Certain fish curries can make you cry with the heightened level of spiciness! But here is a curry, which has been devoured by all of those who I have made this for, including some non-Indian friends who normally can handle only very mildly-spiced foods! Here is the recipe adapted from Dr. Lekshmi Nair’s cookbook titled ‘Magic Oven’. This curry could make you lick your plate for every remaining morsel!

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