Irresistible Lemon and Thyme Bars!

‘Cautionary warning – These are highly addictive!’

Some weeks ago,  I had purchased a little packet of thyme sprigs in order to try out a chicken recipe. But I never got to try out that recipe and the thyme leaves remained in the fridge, all lonely, waiting to be experimented with…

until I came across a recipe from the blog ‘Not eating out in New York’! ( Cool and funky name for a food blog, isn’t it? ) And the recipe for these lemon and thyme bars, squares precisely, was SO easy to follow! The time, temperature and servings indicated, everything was perfect in the recipe! And oh my, I could not resist having one square after another!! I made 24 of these lemon and thyme bars the day before. It all got over last night!! So 24 bars actually lasted for merely a day!! These square bars are rest assured, that good!

These bars attain a wonderful, perfect, cookie-like crust after baking and refrigerating. If one is fond of something that is sweet, tangy, slightly bitter and crispy, this recipe will provide the go-to snack! The presence of thyme is subtle and adds a lovely, pleasant flavor especially to the crust. This recipe yields 24 bars which is great, if one wishes to feed at least a dozen individuals. Oh no! Wait! Feeding 24 of these bars to a dozen would probably lead to a brawl, with everyone wanting so much more!

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