Khada Masala Murgh with Kasoori Methi

Khada Masala Murgh with Kasoori Methi

‘A rich, easy-to-make chicken curry, with the great flavor of dried fenugreek leaves and wonderful aroma of whole spices!’

This week, I vowed to myself that I would post at least two recipes! My life has become so busy in the recent past, ever since I joined a couture design school in New York. Fashion designing has always been and will always be my one eternal passion! I started doodling illustrations when I was just about 11 years old. I used to sketch away happily whilst my teachers in school would be talking about the many wonders of science, the unsolved mysteries of mathematics, so on and so forth. Eventually, all my textbooks and the backs of notebooks had several of my sketches just randomly strewn about! Some teachers even caught me in the act, redhanded! I’m smiling to myself now thinking of all those days..Anyhow, I’m really happy today to have the opportunity to learn so much more about what I’ve always loved. Since it’s a short fashion design course of six months, it’s literally jam-packed and feels like a crash course! Every week, I have tons of assignments to complete! No complaints! I’m loving it!!

Today’s recipe is from the blogger of ‘Foodie by Nature/ Addicted Foodie’, Divya Burman. I have tried four of her chicken recipes. And each and every one of them were splendid! I shall share the other recipes soon after. But coming back, this chicken recipe is fantastic, mostly due to the liberal addition of dried fenugreek leaves, which are called kasoori methi in Hindi, and the addition of whole spices and yogurt. It’s yet another very simple recipe. Nothing complicated at all! My husband and I love to have this curry for dinner with a couple of homemade chappatis and boondi raita. Simple but a flavor-packed dinner!

So hope you enjoy this recipe! Here goes..

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