Mango Rasmalai

‘The traditional Indian dessert – tweaked and modernized!’

Rasmalai, traditionally, is a dessert made of fresh cheese or paneer dumplings, immersed in sweetened whole milk or malai. The malai is the result of heating whole milk, after which the milk is cooled and a layer of fat and proteins accumulates to the surface of the milk. This layer is then skimmed off, and the process is repeated until yellow cream or malai is finally obtained.

The rasmalai is believed to have originated from the Indian state of Odisha (formerly known as Orissa). The dessert is known to have immense popularity not just around India, but also in the South Asian countries of Bangladesh and Pakistan. Rasmalai is also known as roshomalai or rashmalai. This dessert is an integral item on the menu for several occasions such as for the Indian festival, Diwali and joyous celebrations like weddings.

In this very simple recipe, the dumplings are made from bread slices with cores of chopped mangoes and the malai is made by combining sweetened condensed milk and whole milk! So very easy and extremely addictive!

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