Mini Quiche

‘Another home run from the mini muffin pan!’

I had a considerable portion of sour cream remaining in my refrigerator, and the expiry date was soon approaching! I, by the way, conduct a regular, weekly pantry and refrigerator check, just saw that I don’t feel guilty about trashing ingredients unnecessarily! So coming back, I searched online and came across the website of a popular American brand named Daisy, which sells dairy products like sour cream. And they had a section of their very own recipes too! I saw ‘mini quiche’ and was so excited to learn that I could make miniature versions of this savory tart, in my own muffin pan!

While making these mini quiches, it was also the first time that I used refrigerated dough. The original recipe calls for pie crusts, which you supposedly can find in stores. However, I did not have access to pie crusts, but instead found Pillsbury’s refrigerated crescent rolls! They come in taller-than-usual, cylindrical cans. So easy to use! That is, once you have read the directions and opened the can correctly!! I went ahead and tried to open the can with a can opener. Wrong move! Bad idea! The dough started pushing it’s way out through the opening, and got a teeny bit messed up. I had two cans with me. So I used the correct method with the second can. I followed the instruction printed on the side of the can and carefully unwrapped the colored paper, to find the underlying brown cardboard paper. The next instruction was to ‘press with a spoon at the seam’. It didn’t really work out. I then looked online for alternative solutions and found out that striking the can against the counter-top would help. And it did! After about three strikes, the cardboard paper slit diagonally from the center. Then I simply tore open the paper, and took out the roll of dough! Next, one needs to carefully pull apart each triangle by following the already-marked, dotted line. Once carefully torn, eight uniformly-sized triangles of dough are ready to use! And the dough works like clay! Very easy to work with!

Hope you enjoy these yummy and easy-to-make mini quiches! A perfect appetizer for your next gathering! Bon appetit!

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