Oatmeal and Fruit Smoothie

Oatmeal and Fruit Smoothie

‘Breakfast in a glass. And in less than 10 minutes!’

You see the title of this recipe and you’re probably thinking ‘Smoothie with oatmeal? How does that work?’ I’ve been asked so by a couple of people… But believe me, the oatmeal is probably the key ingredient in this recipe, towards the outcome of  a super- thick in consistency smoothie!

This recipe is originally called ‘melon and kiwi fruit smoothie’ and is from one of my most favorite Indian chefs, Vicky Ratnani. He is the host of TV shows on the NDTV network, such as ‘Do it sweet’ and ‘Vicky goes Veg’. I’m so fond of his energy, his recipes and food presentations. Such an effervescent chef!

On five days in a week, my husband and I have a tall glass each of the smoothie, along with a side of multi-fiber toast slathered with low-fat peanut butter, for that extra protein. Yes, without a doubt, I’m quite the health-conscious girl! But being health-conscious shouldn’t mean eating foods that probably taste bland and basically don’t do anything at all for one’s palette! I feel there are so many healthy foods that actually even taste wonderful. Like this smoothie! For over a year, my husband and I used to have regular oatmeal with vanilla flavored soy milk, topped with sliced bananas and a dollop of sugar-free jam. My husband would not be very happy with the breakfast option, and I too, was not a big fan of regular oats with milk. We used to crave for other options like pancakes! But now, we both are so fond of the smoothie with the toast on the side. It’s a breakfast that is so easy to make and can be fast consumed by someone who’s trying to quickly get to work. On the other two days of the week, I ensure my husband and I have a toasted multi-fiber sandwich, with sliced tomatoes, cucumber, baby spinach and one essential, good ol’ egg, cooked into a bull’s-eye with a slightly runny yolk! (Love a runny yolk!) All topped with regular condiments of a little light mayo, ketchup and Dijon mustard! So there’s never a case when my husband and I are bored of breakfast, since we have these two healthy but yummy options! And the fruits for the smoothie can be chopped beforehand, kept into well-sealable plastic containers, refrigerated and used up to three days without getting spoilt!

So here goes the recipe for oatmeal and fruit smoothie. Remember, you can use whatever fruit as you please, from berries to mangoes to melons. I would be careful not to use citrus fruits like oranges, just because I’ve read that citrus fruits and milk don’t go well together. But otherwise, I think every other fruit could very well be used! Hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do!



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