Rajma Masala

‘Looking for something nutritious and yummy at the same time? Here’s a protein- rich curry from Punjab with red kidney beans or as the North Indians say – rajma…’

Red kidney beans or rajma are easy to cook and are budget friendly! They are inexpensive sources of protein and various minerals. A vegetarian can rely on rajma solely, for an iron-rich meal. Red kidney beans are heart-friendly, and are reported to lower one’s cholesterol. These are a few of the many benefits of consuming such legumes, which have also been referred to as one of the world’s healthiest foods!

One of the most easiest and healthiest ways to cook rajma is by pressure cooking. In this recipe, the rajma is first pressure cooked and then prepared in a creamy-textured, tomato-based gravy. The recipe is adapted from ‘padhuskitchen.com’ and the cookery site also offers many other such easy vegetarian recipes. Paired with carbs like Indian bread or boiled rice, you have yourself one of the most nutrition-packed meals ever! For those trying to shed the extra kilos, a little diet tip. Have two small homemade chappatis and a small bowl of curry like rajma masala and raita for dinner, and believe me, there are great chances of seeing some positive changes on the weighing scale, in a week’s time!

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