Simply Delish Brown Butter Cupcake Brownies!!

‘Ooey gooey on the inside, and yumminess all over!!’

So another Valentine’s day dawned upon us in the weekend that went by. And although I feel love should be expressed and celebrated every day of the week (and not specifically only on every February 14th!!), one can’t help but go the extra mile, and do something a little extra special..

On Valentine’s day, my husband and I were out the whole day, just relaxing and driving around. Nothing in particular..But the next day, I cooked up one of my husband’s favorite meals, spicy chicken biryani, the recipe for which I’ll be uploading soon enough. And I baked for the very first time, these yummy, divine, cupcake brownies!! Now ‘brownies’ says it all, right? Trust me, this recipe is very easy to follow and the end result is definitely irresistible! You’ll keep going back for more! I know my husband and I did! We couldn’t have enough of them!!!

I was so glad I stumbled upon this recipe last week.. It was showcased on Yahoo!, as one of the 10 best chocolate recipes for Valentine’s Day! The recipe is from the blog Dash and Bella, which I sure must follow a lot more! The blog looks wonderful and so do a lo-oh-ot of recipes! And the author of the blog has a whole listing of credentials and accolades on the right hand side, as you scroll down the page..Very impressive credentials and accolades..

Anyhow, here comes the recipe for scrumptious brownie cupcakes! But before that, for making these brownies, you will need a tad bit of patience, mainly at two points – a) browning the sugar, which  you should do slowly, and always keep your eyes on and b) spooning the mixture into the cupcake moulds or pan. Otherwise, I can say for sure, the end result is every bit worth it! Also, I made these cupcakes in a mini-muffin pan (because I only had a mini-muffin pan at hand!). And the cupcakes still came out amazing! Pros of using a regular size cupcake pan – a) you can probably add more chocolate chips in the middle of each cupcake, and b) let’s face it, you get a full-sized cupcake loaded with good ol’ sucrose, for the sweet tooth!! Pros of using a mini-muffin pan – a) a better sized dessert option for the weight watchers because as said on the good ol’ sitcom Friends, “A moment on the lips, forever on the hips” and b) a better sized dessert option for those who cannot take on too much of the sugar overload!! Whatever you decide on, you’ll enjoy those lovely bites of heaven..

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