Spicy, Super-Easy Chicken Biryani!

Flavorsome, oozing with spice in every bite, chicken biryani in no time!’

In my last post with the recipe for delicious chocolate cupcake brownies, I did promise to share the recipe for spicy biryani, soon after. Now my husband says, this is one of the best biryanis he’s had to date, competing with even biryanis from restaurants! It is a very simple recipe, which doesn’t require extra ‘trimmings’ or garnishing on the top. Nice and spicy hot, and perfect for a cold winter! Now I’m craving for some…

Before I get to the recipe, I am going to share two dining experiences. Earlier this week, my husband and I visited a Korean restaurant in Fort Lee, in the ‘Koreatown of NJ’, called So Moon Nan Jip. (Suddenly I was curious to find out the meaning, and looked up online to found out that So Moon Nan Jip supposedly means ‘famous place’ or ‘house of rumors’…) So upon researching in Yelp as to what we should eat here, we found out that the barbecue here is stellar. I liked the seating and ambience of the place. It was quite noisy and felt very informal, but nice. Right away after being seated, they served us some warm, steaming water with a distinct flavor, with a mild taste of rice, perhaps. And they put a basket of what looked like steamed cabbage on our table, which we weren’t sure of what to do with. But when we looked over to a table close by, we saw a waitress barbecuing something wrapped in these leaves, right on the table. Anyhow, with the help of Yelp (that surprisingly rhymed!), we were able to decide on trying out the Kimchi Jigae, also known as Kimchi soup, and the waitress recommended that we try out the Kalbi or Korean barbecued beef. Within the span of 5-7 minutes, the waitress started filling up our table with small bowls of all kinds of dishes! One of the dishes was small fried fish with chilies. And there was also pumpkin soup, served on the house, which frankly was the least tastiest of all I tasted that evening. Quite bland to be more specific! But boy was the waitress spot on with her recommendation! The Kalbi was delicious!! Cooked ever so perfectly! Lovely! And the Kimchi stew, with a kick of spice, was very comforting with a bowl of rice…(I’m unintentionally rhyming a lot today!) We were also served complimentary egg jjim, which is Korean-style steamed eggs. It felt like eating soufflé! So light! At the end of the meal, the waitress gave us two tiny, cute bottles of milk. So adorable! Nice and sweet, and a perfect ending to the meal. The customer service, I must mention, was delightful, from start to finish. Wonderful experience!!

 A couple of days ago, my husband and I had to visit New York. And when when we’re in New York, we of course have to have a meal in the gastronomic capital! So we decided to visit the Kati Roll Company, in Midtown West. A highly reviewed and rated restaurant on Yelp! On entering the Kati Roll Company, one is welcomed with some uplifting, Indian music with those beats that make you want to shimmy just a little bit!! I couldn’t help myself! My husband and I ordered the chicken tikka rolls and additionally, he went for the beef tikka roll, while I went for the achari paneer roll. I love paneer!! And we were surrounded with these amazing Bollywood posters on the walls!! Very cool decor! Oh, we also ordered mango lassis! The lassi wasn’t very sweet, which I thought was good, but my husband thought otherwise. We both thoroughly enjoyed the rolls! Especially the roll itself! Like comforting good ol’ paratha! Quick and hassle-free, yummy meal! And we were also given wet wipes in those tiny, handy packs. During our meal, this fantastic song called Dreamum Wakepum, was played from one of my favorite, most-eccentric Bollywood films of all time, Aiyyaa! This film may have done pretty bad business, but nevertheless, my husband and I loved it!! Check out the song and the video here, with the amazing dance moves!!

Now coming back to the recipe of spicy chicken biryani.This recipe is from ‘Spicy & Tasty Indian Recipes‘ by Shriya, Nithu and Arthi. And it’s so easy to follow. So easy to make this biryani. And guaranteed, it’s delicious too!! What enhances the flavor of this biryani, is the cooking of the rice with the chicken gravy. Enjoy much, with simple raita, pickle and crispy papadums on the side!

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