Strawberry Cheesecake Mousse

‘An absolutely divine recipe which begins with a creamy melange of refreshing strawberries and ends with a lovely, buttery crust of crackers!’

Mousse is the French term for foam. Mousse recipes typically involve whipping of cream or egg whites and so on. During this whipping, air bubbles form, which give the mix an airy, fluffy texture. The basic French chocolate mousse has known to be very popular for ages…

I found this recipe on ‘’. What attracted me to this recipe was the presentation! The recipe is not just delightful in terms of taste but is also lovely to look at, with sliced strawberries rimming the cheesecake mousse. And secondly, how fascinating to combine the two – cheesecake and mousse! Do try this one!

You and the people you make this for, are going to be in awe! A note before trying the recipe – the mousse attains a better and firmer texture if the dessert is made the previous day, before you desire to serve it. So anytime you plan on having people over for a meal, you can go ahead and make this a day before and just stick into the fridge, without even any wrapping! Enjoy!

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