Yummy, 5 Ingredients', Jaggery and Wholewheat Flour Halwa!

Yummy, 5 Ingredients’, Jaggery and Wholewheat Flour Halwa!

‘Gud aur atte ka halwa! The rich Indian dessert in just about 30 minutes!’

This recipe is simply perfection!! A couple of days ago, when I tried out this recipe, I could not believe how easy it was to make homemade halwa, with just five easily accessible ingredients, and it took just about a half an hour to make this! It all started with me trying to use up blocks of jaggery that had been sitting around for a while. I was so amused at the instant color and texture changes while making the dessert… So simple, BUT…absolutely delicious! This dessert literally has a velvety texture, and it just melts in your mouth… You can surely tell that I am so craving for this dessert right now…

When taking pictures of the food that I make, I often find it so difficult to get a good shot. In the sense, photography never comes easily for me, or rather, food photography to be specific. I have to literally ponder and the photography seems mostly deliberate from my part. In a lot of food blogs, I notice the ease with which creatives display their food and take such effortless pictures of their work of art. To be very honest, by the time I prepare the food, I get so hungry that I can’t really focus on taking pictures!! That is the absolute truth! And I’m someone who easily gets moody if I’m starving or feeling sleep-deprived! So if I’m hungry and I’m trying to take pictures of my food, and the pictures are not meeting what I envisioned, I actually get frustrated and then I start cribbing to my husband… And then my husband comes into the picture and gives me perspective. He calmly gives me ideas and gets me thinking of different angles, different backgrounds, props… You see, photography comes naturally for him. He doesn’t have to stress about it so much. It’s just something that comes easily to him. Recently, he signed up for a Fluidr account, where he uploads photos taken by him. And I absolutely love each and every one of his photos! And not because he is my husband, but because I genuinely find his photos so simple, innocent and beautiful! I also find his captions simple and amusing… So far, he just has about seven photos up, but I am really looking forward to his pictures in the future! Interested in seeing his photography? Click  here to visit his page.

Alright then, time for the recipe. I found this recipe for the halwa on Divine Taste by Anushruti RK. I love her photos of the halwa served in beautiful, intricate silverware, with gold spoons. Quite glamorous, I must say. But beyond all that, her recipe is just perfect. One of the easiest recipes I have ever tried! And all the information mentioned, whether it was the servings, time taken, it was all exact and accurate. I have never seen my husband eat something so slowly, just so that he could savor the taste for that much time longer… Really, it was that good. You will see, for sure! So here goes…


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